Micro pigmentation has evolved over the years. We have pioneered its use as a para-medical application to provide permanent skin tone blending and camouflage for scars, burns, skin grafts, and facial deformities such as a cleft lip or birthmarks, restoring a more "normal" appearance to the skin.

We begin each session by consulting with the patient to find out what their expectations are and assess what can be realistically be achieved.

Next, the skin is thoroughly cleansed. Topical freezing is not used because it changes the colour of the skin and would not be an accurate match. "Fortunately" scar tissue is usually less sensitive. Using a small hand-held machine with needles that move over the skin at a rate of up to 100 perforations per minute on the affected area carefully as the perforations create a vacuum against the skin, effectively sucking the pigment into the dermis. We begin by applying lighter and thinner amount of pigment, gradually adding more color and depth.

Areola Mastectomy Re-construction| Scar Camouflage | Burns
Skin Grafts | Skin Discolourations |Surgical Scars | Alopecia
Hair Transplant | Acne Scars | Stretch Marks | Cleft Lip